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December 2, 2013


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Okay, the contest is over. I'd like to thank everyone that submitted an entry, but due to other things i have to get done, it may take a week or two for the winners to be announced so please be patient. Thank you again.

Hello everybody Kol here with his first ever contest Celebrate 

The contest is rather simple, just design a book cover for my book for a chance to get a free copy of the book using the cover you designed.


THANKS TO THIS AWESOME PERSON HERE FOR DONATING THE POINTS FOR THE PRIZES :iconpromsie: Thanks a bunch. Also thanks to :iconanothercontestgroup: for the winners package.

Prizes: 1st Place- Free copy of the book featuring your cover art and 250 :points: .
           2nd Place- 50% Discount copy of the book and 150 :points: .
           3rd Place-  20% Discount copy of the book and 100:points: . 
           All 3 Placers- Will receive The Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup   

Tittle: Trials Of Justice, Book One.

Author: Yusuff Yusuff (me).  

Some things to know: Blankgirds-Lawless areas where criminals live free to do as they please. These areas have been cut off from the rest of the world and technology doesn't work in them. Blankgrids are scattered all over the world and are being created by someone, while most Blankgrids are close to each other, some are difficult to get to and even harder to live in.

Ability-The name of the powers people have in the world. There are 8 categories of abilities or 'Classes'. The class are as followed, Natural(10%), Conditional(10%), Phenomenal(17%), Physical(20%), Mental(20%), Spiritual(10%), Wielder(10%), and Special(3%). The percentages are the chances a person has of being born in that class. Natural are powers involving nature, Condition are powers that require a certain action to be performed before being used, Phenomenal are powers over phenomena, Physical are powers that alter physical characteristics, Mental are powers of the mind, Spiritual are powers that increase unseen aspects of a person, Wielder are powers that require an item to be used, and Special are powers that don't fall into the other classes and behave different from typical Abilities.   

Top Ten/Top Tier-These are the most wanted and dangerous criminal around. Their crimes range from assassination, terrorism, and mass murder bordering on genocide.

Nova-A law enforcing organization with 24 agents and a leader. Each agent is given a letter of the Greek alphabet as a code name. These 24 agents are considered the best there is at keeping the peace, they are very powerful, skilled, and respected. Their leader is a man code named Justice and is said to be the most powerful man alive.  
About The Book: The book is a Fantasy Action series set in a world were everyone has an Ability or superpower. The series follows the outlaws and law enforcers of the world and how they operate. The story has the themes of, Family, Law, Power, Morality, Duty, and Corruption. For the first half of the book, most time is spent with Freed and his time in the Blankgrids(lawless lands). Since Freed is currently suffering from severe amnesia, he has no idea who he is or how he ended up in the Blankgrids. He is found in Blackout City by traders, rescued (unintentionally) by a thief, recaptured, then meets the only person around that seems to have any compassion, Dex. He spends most his time trying to adjust to the Blankgirds while searching for his memories. Occasionally he catches glimpses of the past that suggest he may not be the timid innocent he appears to be. The story also goes into Nova(Law enforcers organization) and how they operate. It breaks down the inner workings of the 24 agents of Nova. Exploring their determination, lack of, or their resentment for their leader code named Justice. Justice can be considered the main antagonist or anti-hero depending on how you look at it. Nearly every criminal in the Blankgrids holds a grudge against him, but very little is known about his past or what he has planned for the world. The book goes back and forth between the outlaws and law enforcers, revealing some hidden agendas and suspicious behavior, like Nova agents in Blankgrids, top tier criminals being pardoned, and secret dealings; all of which seeming to revolve around Freed. I'm trying to avoid possible spoilers, but if you feel you need extra information please feel free to ask.

Deadline: All Book Cover designs must be submitted by January 25, 2014 (Note me if you can't submit on time). The Winner will be announced soon after.   

Here are some characters, to help fuel your imagination.

Chapter 1                          Chapter 1: The Man Named Freed
  In the dead of the night, on an old broken down suspension bridge, a malnourished man staggered himself forward into a darkened city. Guided only by the fading light of torches, he moved forward with nothing but the raggedy clothes on his back; a long-sleeved shirt which original white color could only be guessed and jeans that had survived many harsh environments. Growing slower with each barefoot step he took, the man nearly resulted to crawling before the ravishing growl of his stomach did him in. He fell to ground weak from hunger, miles away from any assistance. Using the small amount of strength that remained in him, he was able to glimpse up at the flickering lights that had been guiding him towards the blacked out city, only visible by the full moon’s light.
The man stared up at th


Blackout City: The first Blankgrid visited in the book, it is described as an old city stuck in permanent night. You can only enter or leave it throw a old bridge and the best source of light is the moon followed by the hundreds of candles and lanterns lit all over the city. The city itself is congested full of tight alleyways, shady people, and dirt and trash taking up space on the streets. 

Desert Town: Located in the middle of the desert there are a few old western(as in cowboy) buildings scattered in the sand. The buildings are very old and poorly made, meaning they can fall over any moment, because of this there are rarely people in this Blankgrid. It is used mostly for rest stops or people just passing through. 

Jungle City: An old urban city long abandoned by people in a rush, leaving houses fully furnished and cars in the streets. Years ago a criminal with power over plant life came to the city and let his Ability loss, causing the city to be overrun by giant plant life. A jungle with tall trees surrounded the area while thick roots and vines spread through the streets, over buildings, and into the ground. Each day the plant life grows more and more, while the gray concrete city slowly fades. Though this Blankgrid is full of healthy food to eat most criminals avoid it due to rumors that a top tier criminal as claimed the area as his territory. 

Atlantis: An half built tourist trap featuring an medieval castle themed casino that has been placed in a dome under the sea. The only way to enter this Blankgrid is by swinging down a pond located on a small island. Due to its location, moss as began to grow on its streets and buildings. During the day the suns rays supply the light and at night neon signs light up the city, some how powered by the self proclaimed King of Atlantis who calls himself Neptune. The Blankgrid is open to anyone who finds it provided they greet the king first.

Prime City: This is not a Blankgrid. Prime City is where  Nova Headquarters is located. The city is bright and cheerful with an Utopian vibe to it. It is mostly made up of skyscrapers but manages not to be congested or crowded. People walking through the city have enough room to stretch and the streets are full of cars that move so fluidly that traffic is unheard of. The weather seems to have been set to partly cloudy for eternity; just enough sunlight and shade to keep you comfy. The Nova building itself stands about fifty stories tall with a giant "N" logo at the top to distinguish it from the rest of the buildings. Its among the tallest buildings in the city and can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.          


Countries: The story is set in a fictional world with eight Continents; Kairon(Black), Beigeai(White), Bolia(Yellow), Gern(Green), Abillion(Red), Verlacko(Pink), Dine(Blue), and Flosha(Orange). Kairon is a U.S/U.K type place. Beigeai is Barbarian/ Military place. Bolia is like a Modern Medieval place. Gern is a Hawaii/India/Philippines type place. Abillion is like a Traditional China type place. Verlacko is like an Alaska/Canada type place. Dine is a Modern Rome type place. Flosha is a Wild Africa type place. Most of the story takes place in Kairon where Nova HQ is and a few Blankgrids as well. Aviary Photo 130307573420741517 by kolerty44

Freed (Our main character)

Age:?, appears to be around his early twenties.

Birthday: ?/?/?

Hair: Short, neck length brown hair.

Eyes: Gentle brown eyes.

Height: 5’7

Weight: 132, a bit scrawny.

Complexion: White, fair  

Trademark: Nothing permanent, but his easily bruised.

Clothes (Top): Loose-fitting long sleeve white shirt covered in dust.

Clothes (Bottom): Faded and roughed up blue jeans with small cuts all over. (Barefoot)

Accessories: None

Personality: Freed is an easily panicked optimist. Though he believes good things are coming and sees the good in people, he can be quick to also believe things won’t go well

Bio: Having memories only stretching back a few days, Freed has no idea who he is, where he is, where he came from, or what he should be doing. The only thing he remembers is the name Freed which his not even sure belongs to him.

Affiliation: Unknown.

Ability: For the most part Freed’s ability is a mystery, all that’s known is, he can heal himself, create strong gusts of wind, and shoot energy beams.


Aves ‘Justice’ Slayne (Our main antagonist/anti-hero) 

Age: 48, looks like his in his mid-thirties

Birthday: March 5th, 1951

Hair: Long emerald hair tied into a ponytail down to his mid-back

Eyes: Weary brown eyes, bags under them.

Height: 5’10

Weight: 160 pounds, healthy fit build.

Complexion: Fair White

Trademark: He is known to be able to grow wings than shine like emerald.

Clothes (Top): Long sleeve white shirt, wears a suite and tie when in professional settings.

Clothes (Bottom): Light blue jeans.

Accessories: A broad sword made of emerald, his treasure. He is rarely without it.

Personality: Justice is a bit sarcastic and condescending. He enjoys bad jokes and has a habit of being vague. Under the surface, he can be very cruel and heartless in defense of his ideals.

Bio: Coming from a complicated family, most of his past is a mystery. The most commonly known things about him is that a young age he was able to join Nova under the codename Xi. He retired from Nova eighteen years later. In 1994, he was brought on to lead the new generation of Nova after the old leader retired. Apparently a major incident acquired only a year into his run that caused him to become a lot more cynical.     

Affiliation: Nova, Leader, #1 Rank.

Ability: Justice is considered the most powerful man alive, his abilities are numerous and some remain unidentified. He can fly, gather and shoot energy beams, strengthen his body, and many many more. 


Dexter H. Lawrence or ‘Dex’* (Secondary Character)

Age: 28

Birthday: 3/5/1971

Hair: Medium length, to his shoulders, black messy hair.

Eyes: Brooding dark brown eyes

Height: 5’11

Weight: 172, fit defined muscle

Complexion: Medium, white to light brown

Trademark: Small but noticeable burn marks around his left eye and a long diagonal scar across his chest from a deep cut.

Clothes (Top): A worn out black bikers jacket, unzipped with no under shirt.

Clothes (Bottom): Cut up gray jeans.

Accessories: White bandana headband slanted over his left eye.

Personality: Depending on how much he respects or likes the people around him, Dex can be either cold and distant or kind and helpful. His real personality is that of a good caring person, but his anger gets in the way of that.

Bio: After letting his anger get the best of him and losing control of his abilities, resulting in the death of many people, Dex ran to the Blankgrids where he tried to avoid contact with people. He ended up spending time with some of the other people on the top ten most wanted list and eventually learned to better control his ability before isolating himself again out of fear of getting too used to the criminal life style. He stayed in the Blankgrid for two years, before the events of the story began.

Affiliation: The top ten most wanted.

Ability: Dex is able to create and control combustive forces like explosions. Though he mostly goes for the big fiery blast, he can control and fine tune them to just be blasts of hot air or smoke. He can also control the size and blast radius, move explosions, and create then at a distance. Along with all that Dex as an immunity/resistance to combustive forces so he can’t seriously hurt himself with his own explosions, but it is possible for a strong enough blast to scar him. 


Sciel ‘Epsilon’ Tine (Law Enforcer)

Age: 31

Birthday: 11/7/1968

Hair: Medium length white hair just past her neck.

Eyes: Sharp gold eyes, almost eagle like.

Height: 5’8

Weight: 129, a bit slim

Complexion: Light pale white

Trademark: None

Clothes (Top): A long white cloth she wraps around herself, later she wears a black blazer over a white dress shirt. (Black glove worn over right hand with a “Ε” symbol in gold on the back)  

Clothes (Bottom): A long white cloth she wraps around herself, later she wears a black business skirt. (Black heels)

Accessories: None

Personality: Epsilon is quite and distant. She tries not to express her emotions as a way to avoid talking and interacting with people more than necessary.  

Bio: When she was younger, she got lost in the woods along with her twin brother. The two of them were saved by Justice, who took care of them for a short while before he returned them to their home. In the years that followed she worked hard to be moved to Kairon where her skills got her into Nova. She became very loyal to Justice, respecting him even more as time went on. 

Affiliation: Nova

Ability: Epsilon is able to transform either parts of her body or her entire body into an animal, the catch is she always keeps her size despite the animal. This results in giant birds among other usually small creatures.  


Rin ‘Lambda’ Gene (Law Enforcer)

Age: 27

Birthday: 12/8/1972

Hair: Short slicked back dyed black hair with some natural white strands coming in. (A mustache-less goatee)

Eyes: Relaxed gold eyes

Height: 5’10

Weight: 165, about average

Complexion: Naturally pale white but make up makes him appear to have fair white skin

Trademark: None

Clothes (Top): A long brown faux fur coat on top of a light silver button up vest over a white dress shirt. (Black glove with ‘Λ’ symbol on the back in gold)

Clothes (Bottom): Black dressed pants. (Black dress shoes)

Accessories: White ascot with a big bright diamond embedded in it, gold ‘Λ’ cufflinks, and designer triangular framed sunglasses. 

Personality: Lambda is an arrogant and frivolous eccentric. He likes to show off and brag about himself; over using the word ‘great’. He dresses expensively and flashy to draw attention to certain feature. At first he might seem like a jerk, but his actually covering up his self-loathing. In truth Lambda despises his race and family name, so he hides it under make up and expensive clothing.       

Bio: After the war and the shame his brother brought to his family, Lambda moved to Kairon to start a new life. He altered his appearance and began working as a debt collector of sorts. Eventually he was recruited into Nova where he got all the money and fame he wanted. Though his a genial good guy, he sometimes seems to work mostly for the attention.   

Affiliation: Nova

Ability: Lambda is very fast and has ‘great’ control over his speed. He can move without leaving a trace as if he teleported, he can leave afterimages if he wants, and can hit people so fast that their delayed effects. He witnesses events slower than the rest of the world, but because that’s how he has always seen things, he doesn't notice. Along with all that, Lambda has a resistance to friction which he can turn on and off.


Shawn ‘Gravestone’ Graves (Top tier criminal)

Age: 36

Birthday: 6/12/1963

Hair: Long messy blue hair to the middle of his back.

Eyes: Calm blue

Height: 6’5

Weight: 185, tall and fit

Complexion: Olive, moderate black

Trademark: Black adhesive patch covering the majority of the upper left corner of his face, including his left eye.

Clothes (Top): Long sleeve white shirt full of holes and cuts.

Clothes (Bottom): Faded blue jeans with the bottom ripped up. (Brown sandals)

Accessories: A blue steel rectangular casket attached to a chain growing out of the back of his right hand.

Personality: Gravestone is a mischievous meddler. He likes to do things the hard way and stick his nose where it doesn't belong. He rarely listens and makes situations worse either accidentally or purposefully depending on his intentions. That being said, his very charitable and looks out for the little guy while keeping in mind what will benefit the majority.  

Bio: Born with a very dangerous ability, Gravestone was kept secured in a government base while experiments were done to try to control his ability. The experiments bared not fruit but he was still kept locked up until being freed at the age of 17 by a sympathizing scientist. Upon his escape he was placed on the top ten list as number one, until eventually being pumped down after End escaped his imprisonment. 

Affiliation: The top ten most wanted.

Ability: Gravestone controls life, which is why he was held. When he was younger he could take and give life with a thought, but the experiments and trauma caused him to create mental blocks and rules to his power; weakening drastically. For one, he can no longer revive the dead, but can heal people if they give their permission to be healed. Another is he longer takes lives consciously, but rather absorbs small portions of the lives of people all across the world, resulting in his practical immortal life. He also feels lives as they enter and leave the world, but blocks it out because it can cause him to go mad if he focuses too much on it. Along with all that, it’s possible that Gravestone is resistant to death itself, even without absorbing lives. His never not been in peek physical condition and it’s well-known that before detaining him, the government tried to kill him but couldn’t for some unknown reason.      


Endion ‘End’ Fein (Top tier criminal) 

Age: 37

Birthday: 2/2/1962

Hair: Short shaggy black hair

Eyes: Distant reddish-purple eyes

Height: 6’0

Weight: 136, tall scrawny

Complexion: Light brown

Trademark: small mole in the center of his forehead.

Clothes (Top): Worn out black desert cloak that almost look like rags, shirtless.

Clothes (Bottom): Extremely worn black jeans.

Accessories: None

Personality: End is the strong silent type. He speaks only when needed or when someone needs to be corrected. His takes practically everything seriously and is a bit rude. Though he does have his own sort of twisted sense of humor.

Bio: At the age of twelve End lost control of his ability and went on a three day long unstoppable rampage that took the lives of one fourth the population of a country. After being captured he was imprisoned with the highest security to await his execution when he turn 21. End remained in the prison for eight years, doing nothing. Then on the year of his execution, he effortlessly escaped and disappeared without a trace earning him the position of the most wanted man alive.   

Affiliation: The top ten most wanted.

Ability: End as the ability to cause and enhance natural disasters. He can turn small tremors to become ground breaking earthquakes, a rain storm into a literal thunder storm, and waves into tsunamis. He can also fly and corrupt energy to make it stronger and obey his will. Along with all that he has a resistance to most elemental forces.

Participants so far.

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GOOD LUCK!:iconmnrthumbsupplz:    

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